Dale Paget


Hello my names is

Dale Paget

Coding Skills

While primarily focusing on PHP development, along the way I have picked up some incredible skills.

  • 99%


    Coding with PHP is where I am happiest. I've been coding with PHP since version 4 and it's been quite the adventure getting to PHP 7. I am more than happy working in OOP paradigms.

  • 99%


    HTML / CSS are the core languages of website development. While I do not profess to being much of a designer I can take a PSD and convert it into semantic HTML and create responsive CSS so that your site displays nicely across a range of viewing devices.

  • 99%

    Server Administration

    From a local install of Apache, MySQL and PHP on a Windows machine, to a cloud based AWS Ubuntu server solution I have administered many servers over the years.

  • 99%


    Access to Postgres, I've worked with many RDB's during my career, primarily using MySQL.


I've had to add these to so many CV's over the years, I figured I'd write them out once, on my site!

  • Excellent communication

  • Personal integrity

  • Positive work ethic

  • Reliability

  • Flexibility

  • Team oriented

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